Top 5 things to do in Santa Ponsa

This charming town offers much more than magnificent beaches; It is rich in history, leisure activities and natural beauty.

Santa Ponsa is a sunny destination and much more than a simple seaside resort; It is a crossroads of cultures, stories and adventures. Santa Ponsa has played a key role in the history of the Balearic Islands, including the landing site of King James I of Aragon in 1229. Today, this rich history blends seamlessly with modernity, offering visitors a captivating combination of old and new.

We present our selection of the five main attractions that you should not miss during your visit to Santa Ponsa, a list that captures the essence of this charming place and guides you through the unmissable experiences that will make your stay. memorable.


23 June 2023


01. Santa Ponsa beach

Santa Ponsa beach, a Mediterranean paradise with a thousand facets

Often considered the heart of this charming city, Santa Ponsa beach embodies the ideal of a Mediterranean getaway. Stretching along a golden coastline, this vast expanse of fine sand is a true paradise for those looking to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of Mallorca. Surrounded by crystal clear, calm waters, the beach offers an idyllic setting for swimming, snorkelling or simply relaxing under the warm Spanish sun. With the first rays of morning, the beach comes to life and welcomes a wide range of visitors: families who enjoy the safety of the shallow waters, sports enthusiasts who practice paddle boarding or kayaking, and couples looking for a romantic moment by the sea. Throughout the day, the beach vibrates with an infectious energy, reflecting the dynamism of Santa Ponsa.

02. Sa Dragonera Natural Park

A getaway to the nature of Mallorca, an ecological treasure off the coast of Santa Ponsa

The Sa Dragonera Natural Park, located off the coast of Santa Ponsa, is a sanctuary of biodiversity and a paradise for nature lovers. Accessible by a short boat ride, the island of Sa Dragonera, whose name evokes the shape of a sleeping dragon, is a world apart, preserved from the tourist bustle. This natural park, with its spectacular rock cliffs and dense vegetation, offers the perfect setting for exploration and discovery. Once on the island, visitors can follow signposted trails that wind through the wild landscape, offering stunning views of the Mediterranean and the coast of Mallorca. These trails lead to observation points where you can spot local fauna, including the famous Sa Dragonera lizards, unique to this island. Bird watchers will also be delighted, as the island is an important landmark for many species of migratory birds.

03. Santa Ponsa Golf

A renowned course on the island of Mallorca, a green environment for golf lovers

Santa Ponsa Golf is a must-visit destination for golf lovers visiting Mallorca. Located in a picturesque setting, surrounded by rolling hills and lush vegetation, this course offers an exceptional golf experience under the blue Mediterranean sky. Known for its thoughtful design and impeccable fairways, the course attracts both beginner and experienced golfers.

While navigating the Santa Ponsa golf course, players are invited to take on strategic challenges, with water hazards, cleverly placed bunkers and undulating greens that test their skill and precision. Each hole has its own character and offers a variety of shots and stunning views of the surrounding landscape. After a round, golfers can relax in the clubhouse, a welcoming space where conviviality and elegance combine.

04. The Cross of Descubrimiento

A historical symbol overlooking Santa Ponsa, a monument full of history

Located on a hill that dominates the landscape of Santa Ponsa, La Cruz del Descubrimiento is an emblematic site full of historical importance. This monument, which marks the place where King James I of Aragon landed in 1229, is a powerful reminder of the event that changed the course of Balearic history. The cross, visible from afar, serves as a beacon for those interested in the deep history of Mallorca.

The climb to La Cruz del Descubimiento is in itself an enriching experience. Walking the trail to the top, visitors are invited to enjoy the spectacular scenery of the area, with panoramic views of the bay of Santa Ponsa and its surroundings. Once you reach the summit, the 360-degree panorama is stunning and provides a perfect backdrop for reflection and photography.

05. Jungle Parc

An aerial adventure in the middle of nature, an adventure tour in the treetops for a day full of action

The Jungle Parc in Santa Ponsa offers an exhilarating experience for those seeking adventure during their stay in Mallorca. Located in the middle of a lush forest, this treetop adventure park is a paradise for lovers of outdoor activities and thrills. With a variety of routes and challenges, it attracts families, groups of friends and solo adventurers alike.

Visitors to Jungle Parc can expect a memorable adventure, moving from tree to tree across suspension bridges, zip lines, nets and many other obstacles. Courses are designed to suit different skill levels and ages, ensuring that everyone from children to experienced adults can enjoy a safe and challenging experience. State-of-the-art safety equipment and qualified instructors ensure a fun and safe adventure for all participants.


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