The vineyards of Mallorca

A unique wine tasting experience. Discover the authentic flavors of the island through its wines.

The island of Mallorca, known for its magnificent beaches and mountainous landscapes, is also home to a well-kept secret: its vineyards. These lands, bathed in sunshine and caressed by the Mediterranean breeze, produce some of the most exquisite and unique wines in Spain. A tour of Mallorca’s vineyards offers an unforgettable tasting experience, blending history, culture and authentic flavors.

The Mallorcan vineyards, often located in picturesque settings, offer a varied range of grape varieties, some typical of the island, such as Manto Negro and Callet, and others more international. Each vineyard has its own history and approach to winemaking, whether traditional methods or modern, innovative techniques.


13 June 2023



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